Wednesday, December 28, 2011


During the holidays I have failed miserably at my goal of posting weekly.  It's a busy time for everyone, so even if I had posted, no one would have had time to read it anyway, so I think we're even!

With the new year coming up, I know many of us are making resolutions about things we want to accomplish.  Most of us will probably abandon these goals by January 6th or 7th, but let's pretend that we're gonna stick with them, ok?

If saving money is one of your goals, it really is doable in the new year!  So as an encouragement to those of you who are setting this goal, here are some of my favorite money-saving resources:

Dave Ramsey
Dave is awesome!  His concepts are simple, even old fashioned, but adopting his philosophies about money really will change your life.  I highly recommend reading one of his books (checked out from the library of course!) or attending Financial Peace University.   He breaks it down to the basics:  Don't spend money you don't have!!  Freedom from debt is a gift that can completely turn your life around.  Seriously...

The Frugal Girls
Great resource for deals and ideas on DIY stuff.  Their Facebook page is also a great resource.  Simply liking their page will put them into your newsfeed, so you can keep up with all the great deals they post. 

Consignment Mommies
Fantastic site to find great seasonal consignment sales in your area.  Whether you're wanting to make some moola by cleaning out your kids closets and toy boxes or trying to find some inexpensive options to clothe your kiddos, this site has some great resources.  I've sold and bought at several sales in my local area, and LOVE it!  I find much better deals at seasonal sales rather than consignment stores, since sellers are allowed to set their own prices.  I'll devote an entire post to this topic later in the year, but just check out this site.  It's great!

Southern Savers
I get a lot of questions about couponing.  If you live in the South (mainly the South East), this is a fantastic resource.  It has an entire section on how to coupon, and keeps you up to day with lists that match store sales with coupons for the most savings! 

I know, you probably already know about this site for recipes and fun craft projects, but I've also found a lot of money saving resources on it!  Recipes for common household products, ways to reuse items around your house, tons of recipes for leftovers and freezer meals.  If you don't already have an account, it's much easier to get one if someone sends you an "invite."  So post it on your facebook status, and surely someone will take pity on you! 

I really hope we're all able to stick with our New Year's Resolutions (mine is to set up a cleaning schedule at my house and actually stick to it so this place isn't in chaos all the time!).  Here's to hoping yours stick!

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