Friday, March 23, 2012

Bringing Out My Inner Katniss

I can admit it.  I'm a Hunger Games fan.  I've read the entire series twice, and I'm super excited about the movie. . 

Every geeky cell in my body longs to have Hunger Games T-shirt, but I just can't bring myself to spend our hard-earned money at Hot Topic on the mass-produced, over-priced rags they sell.  So after cruising Pinterest, and viewing some super-creative Panem-inspired garb, I decided to used the bleach stenciling method. 

While most instructions I found recommended using freezer paper and bleach pens or vellum and spray adhesive, I didn't want to spend that much money.  After experimenting for a while I came up with my own method. 

I picked up a nice dark gray shirt at Walmart for $4.48, the printed out an image of the mockingjay symbol on a piece of card stock that I already had at the house.  I put several sections of the newspaper in the middle of the shirt to prevent the bleach from soaking through to the other side.  I cut out the image with a razor blade, and positioned it where I wanted it on the T-shirt.  I didn't use any adhesive, I just set it on the shirt.  I filled small spray bottle (one with a fine spray nozzle) with Clorox, and sprayed a fine layer of bleach over the area of the stencil.  You don't need to use much, and while I didn't do it this time, next time I'll rinse the bleach out of the shirt once I get to the desired color of the shirt.  I let this sit a little too long and it over-bleached a little, but I still love the finished produce. 

I think it looks very District 12.  I made one for me and and identical one for my sister.  She was thrilled.  The entire project only cost me $4.48, since I already had cardstock, bleach and a spray bottle at the house.  It was a fun, fast, easy and cheap project that I'm sure I'll do again! 


  1. Nice Job! In case anybody wants your shirt, you might consider how much you'd charge for it. ;)

  2. Patty - I don't have an etsy shop or a paypal account, but if you're local to the Raleigh/Durham area of NC, I could make one for about $12.


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